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Process for High School Articulation

What is Articulation?

Articulation is a planned process linking two or more educational systems to help students make a smooth transition from the secondary level of occupational and educational experiences to the post-secondary level without experiencing delay or duplication of learning. Through this process, students move from one course, program, or educational level to the next without loss of time or resources. A guiding principle of articulation is that no student should be required to repeat the same course content for which credit was previously received.

This system will provide students with critical support to make timely decisions. High school/ROP and college classes require a great deal of time, money, and effort. Student success depends on setting educational goals so they can take the classes they need without repetition. Each school/college should provide information to students on courses/programs that have been articulated.

How Does The Articulation Process Work?

An individual articulation agreement between any single high school/ROP and college requires collaboration between instructors at each school site. The efforts of faculty members in aligning course objectives and programs facilitates the smooth transition for students in accomplishing their career goals. With agreements in place, students can determine their options for continuing their education.

Benefits of Articulation

Benefits of articulation include:
  • Providing for student movement through the system without duplication
  • Allowing for advancement using minimal dollars and time
  • Facilitating partnerships and collaboration between high school/ROP, and Gavilan Community College
  • Identifying current workforce needs to partners
  • Strengthening and validating programs
  • Facilitating student success in the workplace
  • Promoting the achievement of student skill sets


Step #1: Each high school/ROP will identify programs and courses, which have the potential for actual articulation agreements at Gavilan College. At this point Gavilan faculty and high school instructors begin or continue their efforts to compare curricula and identify courses that meet the requirements of an articulation agreement. The Gavilan/High School ROP Articulation Form, Course-to-Course is used to list and certify required objectives and competencies included in the high school/ROP and college curriculum. Gavilan College and the participating high school will keep a copy of this completed form. (Curriculum that is being considered must be up-to-date with the Gavilan Curriculum Committee.) Per state mandates articulation agreement can occur on an annual basis but formal articulation is on a 3-year cycle. Courses not updated within this time frame will lose articulation status.

Student Procedures:

Step #2: Students must complete the Application for Articulated Gavilan College Credit Form (after successfully completing the articulated high school/ROP form. Students who have completed the course and met required course criteria will receive a Certificate of Articulated Course Completion.

Certificate/Transcript System

The system will be most effective when all community college System counselors and program personnel agree on a standardized process such as this and recognize a standard certificate and transcript designation. This designation indicates that a student has passed an articulated course within a program and will receive credit for that course at Gavilan College. Gavilan College credit ("PASS" grading designation) will be awarded to students who complete the high school/ROP courses and meet the required course criteria.

Last modified: August 6, 2012
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