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I don't want my name/photo/email shown in iLearn. How do I hide them?

Change the information in your profile. Scroll down for more instructions.

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The easiest way to make information hidden is to take it out of your profile.

The iLearn software requires that each student have an email address in their profile. If you are extremely concerned about privacy, you may put a fake email address there. However, this will cut you off from a potentially valuable line of communication with your instructors and fellow students. Although iLearn provides a complete messaging system, separate from email, it is highly useful for people to use email as a backup.

Your iLearn profile is visible to instructors and other students in your classes. It is not visible on the public internet, or anywhere outside of iLearn.gavilan.edu.

1. Username, password, and email address

Use this area to change your password and email address. You may choose if your email address is visible to other students here as well.

Do not change your username! If you do, your account will not match up with Gavilan's student records.

2. More email options

Set your options for receiving email from iLearn here. By default, iLearn will send you:

  • forum postings in forums you're subscribed to,
  • private messages
  • announcements from your teachers

3. Personal Information

Everything here is optional. This is not your official student records, but your public profile on iLearn. Other students will be able to see information you put here. (However, the general public does not see your profile, ever.)

The entire Gavilan iLearn site is password-protected, which means that only registered students with a current account will be able to enter the site.