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How to Log on to iLearn

example: get your g-number

Step 1: Get your new Gav-ID number

  • If you don't know your new Gav-ID number, go to get Gavilan ID and Pin to get it.
  • Click on "Get your Gav Id and PIN"
  • Enter your name, SSN, and Birthdate.
  • This ID number will be used instead of your Social Security Number for all correspondence with Gavilan College. Please write it down.)
  • Please note: You'll need your Gav ID and PIN to access registration and grades later in the semester. Please keep them in a safe, private place.

demonstrate logging into iLearn

Step 2: Log in to iLearn

  • To access your online class, go to

  • Your username is your Gav ID number
  • Your password is your PIN
Banner personal information screen shot

Step 3: To change your iLearn password

  • Go to: Banner
  • Select Update personal information.
  • Select the item you want to update.

What if I still can't get in?

       more LOGON troubleshooting...

What if I am having trouble logging in to change my password/email in SSB (Banner)?

How to login to Banner