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Student E-mail F.A.Q.

How do I access my e-mail the first time?

  1. Log into the myGav portal using your Gavilan ID (e.g., G00xxxxxx) and P.I.N.
  2. On the "Welcome" tab, you will see myGav e-mail and myGav calendar portlets
  3. When you click on either one, you will be prompted to accept Google's terms of service and privacy policy
  4. View Gavilan College Student E-mail Guidelines

What is my Gavilan e-mail address?

After you login, you will see your e-mail address in the e-mail box (in the upper right corner). The e-mail address will use the following format:[First Name].[Last Name][#] (e.g.,,

Who gets an Gavilan e-mail address?

All students who have been admitted to the college will be assigned a Gavilan College e-mail address.

What if I already have Gmail?

Your e-mail account through Google Apps at Gavilan College will have its own e-mail address ( This will not affect your personal Gmail account.

Do I have to use my Gavilan E-mail Address?

YES. If you choose, you may forward your Gavilan College e-mail to a personal account, however, you will still be responsible for all information sent to your Gavilan College account. Gavilan College is not responsible for any problems that may occur due to e-mail forwarding. (See #3 - Redirecting of student e-mail from Gavilan College Student E-mail Guidelines).

How long can I keep my Gavilan e-mail address?

While you are taking classes at Gavilan College, your e-mail account will be maintained. At the end of your last enrolled semester, a 1-year grace period starts, allowing you to transition off of Gavilan's system. If you re-enroll within that grace period, your 'active' status will be re-established. At the end of the 1-year grace period, your e-mail account will be discontinued.

Can I setup my Gavilan email on a portable device?

Unfortunately, you cannot use IMAP/POP e-mail clients to connect to Although Gavilan does not support mobile devices/apps, there is a way to connect iPhones/Andriods using the Gmail app. You cannot use the built-in Mail app on either iPhone/Andriod. View Gmail App Setup Instructions

How do I forward e-mails to another account?

A student may choose to redirect Gavilan College e-mail to another e-mail address (e.g.,, at his or her own risk. Gavilan College will not be responsible for the handling of e-mail by outside vendors. Having e-mail redirected does not absolve a student from the responsibilities associated with communication sent to his or her official Gavilan College e-mail address. How to Automatically forward emails to another account

How can I get help?

Google's User Learning Centers
Gmail Interactive Tour Learn Gmail Help Center
Calendar Interactive Tour Learn Calendar Help Center
Google Drive Interactive Tour Learn Google Drive Help Center
Docs, Sheets, and Slides Interactive Tour Learn Docs, Sheets, and Slides Help Center

If you do not find the information that you are looking for at Google's User Learning Center, you may contact us at or call 408-848-4736 during regular business hours.

Last modified: January 6, 2015
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