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The Philosophy Department is composed of a variety of courses designed to prepare students to apply theories that are applicable for personal growth and development as members of the community, as well as in their professional and personal relationships.

Students engage in a wide range of courses aimed at their discovering their potential as agents for social change critical thinking and personal growth activities.  All philosophy courses are designed for success in all majors, as philosophy is by its very nature inter-disciplinary. 

Currently the department is in the process of designing a certificate of proficiency.

While a philosophy major is geared toward success in further study in philosophy at a 4-year institution, it can create a firm foundation for any other major, primarily with a Social Science or Fine Arts focus.  Ultimately, a major in philosophy focuses in preparing students for transfer to four-year institutions.

See Course Offerings for a general description of the classes and Class Schedule for links to the times and locations of classes offered this semester.



Last modified: June 14, 2012
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