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April 09, 2007

Office of Civil Rights report on Gavilan College Title IX

Office of Civil Rights report on Gavilan College Title IX
Voluntary actions taken by college "fully correct the disparity" in facilities

GAVILAN COLLEGE - On Friday, April 6 Gavilan College President Steve Kinsella received the report of findings from the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR). The OCR investigation, which began in 2005, stemmed from a complaint alleging that Gavilan College had failed to provide equivalent benefits, services, and opportunities to female athletes as compared with those provided to male athletes.

"Overall, it was a long and stressful investigation, but the results are gratifying," said President Steve Kinsella. "We've been doing the right things and making the right changes to bring gender equity to the athletic program." The Office of Civil Rights has determined that Gavilan College has undertaken appropriate actions to remedy previously existing inequities in facilities for male and female athletes.

The in-depth investigation included campus visits, facility tours, interviews with staff, coaches and athletes, and reviews of documents and records supplied by the college.

The Office of Civil Rights concluded that, while there had been unequal facilities available to male and female athletes at the time the complaint was lodged, the improvements now underway fully correct the disparity. These improvements include the installation of a scoreboard and outfield fence for the softball field, improved grounds support, and physical separation of soccer and softball fields as called for in the Gavilan College Gender Equity Action Plan. The college was unable to complete these projects prior to January 2007 because until that time the fields were jointly used and controlled by the City of Gilroy.

The Office of Civil rights also found that disparities had existed in the scheduling of events and provision of meals for athletes, (with scheduling favoring male athletes and meals favoring female athletes.) Improvement to internal policies since that time has corrected both issues.

On the other evaluation criteria: equipment and supplies, travel, opportunity to receive tutoring and the assignment and compensation of tutors, opportunity to receive coaching and assignment and compensation of coaches, provision of locker rooms, medical and training facilities and services, housing and dining facilities and service, publicity, support services, and recruitment, OCR found no discrepancies between the genders.

A complete copy of the OCR report is available at

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