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March 06, 2008

Title V grant will bring $3.5 million to Gavilan and Hartnell Colleges.

Collaborative project will improve outcomes for under-prepared students

WHO: Gavilan College and Hartnell College, working collaboratively

WHAT: Have been awarded a five-year grant through Title V of the Federal Higher Education Act. The grant, which will total over $3.5 million for the two colleges, will be the second consecutive Title V grant the two schools have been awarded.

The grant will strengthen academic programs by establishing Student Access and Success Research Centers at each college to serve as the coordination points and clearinghouses for curriculum development, student learning outcome development, activity implementation, faculty training, student assessment, data tracking and evaluation.

The collaboration will work to Improve student retention and persistence in gateway English as a Second Language (ESL) and English courses (remedial, pre-college and basic). It will establish and institutionalize processes to assess and track student performance,
and establish a model to develop, implement, and institutionalize student learning outcomes
throughout the curricula. Faculty will develop and implement new introductory courses and adaptable modules in computer literacy (with an emphasis in multimedia) and information competency).

WHEN and WHERE: A kickoff celebration will be held on Tuesday, March 11, from 5 p.m. - 6p.m. in the Mayock House on the Gavilan College campus.

WHY: Gavilan College and Hartnell College serve similar student bodies and have a history of working collaboratively to share ideas and best practices. Both are federally-designated Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

An analysis conducted by staff from the two colleges revealed some shared strengths and weaknesses, and similar problems in serving students who enter college with inadequate academic preparation. By filling the gaps in service identified through the needs assessment process, this grant will make it possible to expand educational opportunities and increase Hispanic student enrollment, persistence, and retention rates; expand and enhance academic offerings and delivery; strengthen institutional structure and support; and improve performance and lifelong success of all future students at both Hartnell and Gavilan.

The analysis identified as strengths the two institutions' history of collaboration, particularly for serving Latino students, strong faculty, comprehensive program offerings, promotion of access and success, infrastructure for outreach, focus on learning and teaching, fiscal strength, planning, recent bond passage at both schools. Both schools have a goal of better meeting the needs of under prepared Latino students, a need for more technology-based instruction, a need for additional staff training, and improvement of student assessment methods.


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