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April 08, 2008

What are you doing tonight? Gav Arts and Events website can help you decide

WHO: Local residents looking for something local to do

WHAT: Can now bookmark the Gav Arts & Events web site,
The website is a guide to all of the performances, exhibits, sporting events, special events, lectures, and other activites that are open to the public at Gavilan College.

"We want to let people know what's happening at Gavilan College, because there's a lot happening here." said Dr. John Lawton Haehl, director of the Theater Arts Program. Lawton Haehl, who came to Gavilan College from U.C. Davis, was surprised to find that many people he was meeting in the community didn't even realize that Gavilan College had a theater. "They're driving up to San Jose and San Francisco, not even aware that there is a theater in their own backyard."

Gavilan College offers cultural events to the community through programs in music, theater, dance, television, fine arts, and special events.
Visiting artists have included the internationally acclaimed pianist Andreas Wertz, dancers and musicians visiting from the World Theater at CSU Monterey Bay, and visual artists from around the world. Student groups often organize talent shows, fundraisers for local nonprofits, and guest lectures that are open to the public.

Gav Arts and Events is a way to help the community stay aware of what is happening at Gavilan College.
It also includes a link to athletic events, and a "Gav Gear" page where Rams fans can order logo apparel to support their favorite team.

WHY: In past years, performances by world-renowned musicians and dance troupes have often been under-attended due to low public awareness.
The annual sold-out Bach To Blues show, however, demonstrates that when people are aware of a high quality cultural event, they turn out in droves.

Gav Arts and Events is a way to help the community stay aware of what is happening at Gavilan College.

HOW: Go to the Gavilan College Home Page and click on Gav Arts and Events, or go directly to:


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