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August 11, 2009

Learn professional TV and video techniques at Gavilan College

photo of GavTV crewWHO:    Anyone who would like to learn and gain hands-on experience in professional television and video techniques. (Students must be 18 or over, or have the consent of their high school principal.)

WHAT: Enroll now for Fall semester classes at Gavilan College. Fall classes include TV History and Practice, TV and Video Workshop, TV and Film Acting, and Introduction to Scriptwriting (online). Classes are offered for full college credit, transferable to the California State University, including CSUMB and San Jose State. Gain experience on live television, and learn to create content for broadcast, cablecast, and internet distribution. Students have the opportunity to create, write, produce, direct, act, edit and connect, and gain production experience in sports, entertainment, music, dance, comedy, drama, game shows, commercials, live and field productions.

Program options include an Associates degree in Media Arts or Theater Arts Broadcast Television, Certificate in Broadcast Television, or transfer to university programs in Television, Broadcast Journalism, Film, Education, Multimedia, or Teledramatic Arts. At only $26 per unit, there's no better value.

WHEN and WHERE: Fall classes start September 1, 2009, and are held at the Gavilan College Television Studio at the Gilroy campus, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd.

HOW:  Apply and register online at, or in person at Gavilan College locations in Gilroy, Hollister, and Morgan Hill. For more information call (408) 848-4800. New students must complete a Gavilan College Assessment.


Last modified: August 17, 2011
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