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December 02, 2009

Gavilan College Disability Resource Center (DRC) to be honored as Outstanding Community Agency of the Year

GAVILAN COLLEGE, CA -  On Monday, December 9, the Gavilan College WorkAbility III Program and The Disability Resouce Center will be honored as the Outstanding Community Agency of the year by the California Department of Rehabilitation, San Jose District. The award will be presented at a ceremony in San Jose.

Fran Lopez, Associate Dean of Disability Resources and staff or the DRC will attend the awards ceremony. Lopez termed the award "a great honor, and a tribute to the wonderful, caring staff at the DRC"

The nomination for the Gavilan College program declared "The Disability Resource Center at Gavilan College is particularly comprehensive with some unique programs and services available to serve people with a wide range of special needs.  In addition to their highly competent Learning Disabilities Specialists and the classroom accommodations available at all public colleges, they also have an exceptional Adaptive Physical Education Program and staff with state-of-the-art work out facilities; a High-Tech Computer Center whose manager and resources continually amaze, with the ability to make the otherwise unattainable, attainable; a Tutoring Lab staffed by two educators who are patient, creative, miracle workers; a Career Prep. Program and HOPE Program whose staff and curriculum help people with developmental disabilities who are not pursuing the traditional college track, meet their needs for vocational training and/or community involvement/access; outstanding, knowledgeable Academic Advising/Counseling Staff; competent and responsive Office Support Staff; a truly exceptional Workability 3 Program and Team, who are collaborative, responsive, creative, competent, effective and delightful; and all of them lead by a dynamic, effective Dean who provides inspired service to the Department, the College, and the Community.
"The WorkAbility 3 Program, and all the programs and services in the  DRC at Gavilan are exceptional, but it is truly in the “service delivery” that they are able to make the connections meaningful to consumers and community.  The success of the program(s) is evidenced in the numbers, yes.  But what makes this program exceptional on a human level can be most clearly seen in how the organization works together and with others, to accomplish common goals. "

The Gavilan College Disability Resouce Center provides students with disabilities quality and excellence in programs, services and support which enhance the quality of community life, and the development of individual potential for a global environment. The DRC strives to equalize student educational opportunities and to support as well as educate the faculty, staff, and the community. Services offered through the DRC include counseling, alternate media, a High Tech Center with Assistive Computer Technology, Learning Skills Assessment, Liaison with Local, State, & Federal Agencies, Mobility Assistance, Multi-Media Educational Aids, Note Takers, On-Campus Transportation, Sign Language Interpreters, Deaf Services, Specialized Adapted PE Equipment, and WorkAbility Job Training and Placement, among others. TheWorkAbility III Program is a cooperative partnership between Gavilan College and the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DOR). The purpose of the WAIII program at Gavilan College is to match students from the Department of Rehabilitation to jobs through educational planning and placement..

For more information about the Gavilan College Disability Resource Center  go to or call (408) 848-4865.


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