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January 27, 2010

Free training in Organic Gardening for 18-24 year olds

Free training in Organic Gardening for 18-25 year olds

WHO: Men and women ages 18-24

WHAT:Can get FREE training in organic gardening techniques.  Students will learn to set up a garden, know the differences between raised beds and in-ground, apply methods of natural and organic pest control, make compost use it to improve the garden, plus much more.  This program is offered by Gavilan College Contract Education in partnership with San Jose City College and Work2Future.

The Organic Gardening program is part of the new California Green Jobs Corp (, created through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The purpose is to provide job training and opportunities in the green economy for young adults. The Workforce Institute at San Jose/Evergreen Community College District has a grant of $937,873, and through that grant is contracting with Gavilan College Contract Education to provide this training.

WHEN: Training starts on February 9. 

HOW: Call Terry Newman at (408) 852-2804 for more information and to determine eligibility.



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