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December 16, 2010

Gavilan College Physical Education department changes name to Kinesiology

WHO:    The Gavilan College department formerly called "physical education" and abbreviated as "PE" in the class schedule

WHAT:    Has changed its name to "Kinesiology." All of the courses, certificates and degrees formerly designated as "Physical Education" will be renamed as "Kinesiology ( to be abbreviated as KIN)." Course numbering, course descriptions, and degree requirements will remain the same.

WHEN:     The changes were approved by the Gavilan College Board of Trustees on December 14, 2010  will take effect in Fall 2011.
WHY:    This change was made in conjunction with changing practices throughout the state, and to better reflect the academic study of movement that underlies the discipline. Other community colleges, including Cabrillo, Sacramento City College, Berkeley city College, Mission College, and Diablo Valley College have already changed or are in the process of changing their department designations to "Kinesiology." Most of the universities in the California State University system already use the "Kinesiology" designation, so the name change can reduce confusion for students who are transferring. The California Academic Senate has supported the name change for colleges.

Gavilan College Athletics Director Ron Hannon stated that "Gavilan College can be a leader in this trend," and explained that " Kinesiology is the academic discipline concerned with the art and science of human movement. This more closely describes what our profession is about."

The department offers both academic and activity courses. Academic classes include Theory of Sports Management, and Fundamentals of Softball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Basketball. A wide variety of activities classes are offered, including swimming, golf, tennis, bowling, weight training, yoga, and hiking. Students can earn an Associate of Arts (A.A.)degree with an education option. Sports medicine and sports management options  have been developed and are awaiting approval from the Chancellor's office.


Last modified: August 17, 2011
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