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January 03, 2011

Gavilan College Community Education offers online Social Media training for businesses.

 Social Media New ‘Must Have’ for Business

  Social media is the new ‘must have’ marketing tool for business organizations, according to Jennifer Selke, a nationally known expert and online instructor in social media.  “Customers are now looking for a relationship with a business, not push-media such as a brochure or an ad anymore,” she says.
    Selke teaches online courses for a new Social Media for Business Certificate program sponsored by Gavilan College.  “The online courses and certificate are relevant for people in any workplace organization, including companies, nonprofits, government and small business,” says Terry Newman of Gavilan College.
     “With 500 million users, Facebook is one of the big things that a business cannot afford to miss out on,” notes Selke.   Facebook is the largest social media network, but Selke also teaches business organizations how to create their own social media networks.
    “People who take my courses from the UGotClass Social Media for Business Certificate learn about social media and so much more.  They learn about time allocation.  They come in thinking that one person can do 100% of the social media marketing, when in fact it is much more efficient for everyone to do a small part for their business,” says Selke.
    Marketing has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and businesses need to follow the trends and change the way they get their messages out, too.   In the first UGotClass one-month online course, “Introduction to Social Media,” participants learn the foundation of social media, making goals, and how to apply them.
    In the second course on “Marketing Using Social Media” participants learn how to use social media methods to get a message out about their company.  They also learn how to use the tools such as Twitter, blogging, and LinkedIn.
    In the final one-month online course, “Integrating Social Media in Your Organization,” participants are taught about creating their own social network, assigning roles in their organization, and time allocation.  They learn to integrate widgets on their website and to pull all of the three courses together.
    The online courses are offered four times a year. For additional information about the Social Media or other online courses and certificates, contact Terry Newman of Gavilan College at 408-852-2801 or email
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Last modified: August 17, 2011
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