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July 27, 2011

Gavilan College to focus on priorities: increase in transfer, career training, and basic skills courses accompanied by reduction in "lifelong learning" program for fall

Gavilan College, CA – The Gavilan College Department of Community Development and Grants Management regrets to announce that, due to continuing reductions in state revenues the college has to redirect its scarce resources from non-credit life-long learning courses designed to meet the needs of older adults to the higher priority courses that lead students to complete degree programs, to transfer to bachelor  degree programs and to career technical courses that prepare students for entry into a profession such as nursing, public safety officer, digital media, aviation mechanic and cosmetology.

The state has requested that all colleges in the state redirect resources to high priority transfer, career training and basic skills courses in lieu of offering life-long learning and enrichment courses for adults aged 55 and older. The impact will be the cancellation of 20 class sections for this upcoming fall semester, with 13 faculty members and 807 potential enrollments.  The majority of these classes were to be offered at off-campus locations in the community, primarily community centers and senior housing facilities.

Gavilan College will continue to offer noncredit GED preparation and classes in English as a Second Language. In addition, a few classes that include both credit and non-credit enrollment, such as the popular Film Classics course, will continue to be offered for the time being.

Adults who previously utilized our life-long learning courses through the non-credit program are encouraged to consider fee based courses available from the classes offered in the credit program, or explore not-for-credit fee based options through Gavilan College Community Education:

To find out whether a course they had planned to take will still be offered, noncredit students may call (408) 852-2824.


Last modified: August 17, 2011
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