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May 24, 2012

Gavilan College Memorial Scholarships honor memories of dedicated employees' passion for technology and design

GAVILAN COLLEGE -  Two new scholarships were awarded to Gavilan College students to honor the legacies of two Gavilan College employees who passed away during the academic year. The Bob Peacock and Cindy Starr Memorial Scholarships were awarded to students who developed their talents while learning to use technology as a tool for design. The scholarships were created through donations from Gavilan College staff and faculty in memory of their departed colleagues, and presented at the Gavilan College annual Scholarship Ceremony on May 22 to recipients Chantha Ouk and Michael Xavier. 

Bob Peacock taught at Gavilan College from 1973 to 2007 in the field of Computer Graphics and Design. Bob earned his BA in Industrial Technology from San Jose State.  As technology changed the field, Bob oversaw the transition of the Drafting program to Computer Graphics and Design. 

Cindy Starr served as Enrollment Management Specialist from 1999 to 2011, designing dynamic posters and publications, and supporting numerous departments on campus. Cindy attended Gavilan College as a reentry student. She already had a bachelors degree in art and a career as a practicing artist before she enrolled as a Computer Graphics and Design student, studying with Bob Peacock, and earning her associates degree.

Chantha Ouk is the first recipient for the Bob Peacock Memorial Scholarship and was one of Bob Peacock's students. Chantha attributes Instructor Bob Peacock's guidance and kindness for giving her the courage to accomplish her dreams. She escaped Cambodia's killing fields in the 1980s and spent years in refugee camps in Thailand and the US before settling in Morgan Hill. She will use scholarship fund to continues her studies at San Jose State University.

Michael Xavier was awarded the first Cindy Starr Memorial Scholarship. He is a Digital Media major whose passion for using technology to create works of art reflects Bob Peacock's contributions and Cindy Starr's legacy. 

Tax deductible contributions to continue these scholarships may be made to the Gavilan College Educational Foundation c/o Gavilan College, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd. Gilroy, CA 95020.


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