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November 20, 2012

Gavilan College Children's Theatre presents American Tall Tales

Who:  Each fall, Dr. John Lawton Haehl and the Children's Theatre class create an original play based on a book or collection of stories.  Through improvisation and writing exercises, the class creates original scripts based on the folk tales.

What:  American Tall Tales is a delightful performance aimed at children of all ages.  It takes its inspiration from the tall tales of beloved American folklore.  Each tall tale features a larger than life hero or heroine, and includes folk dances such as the Virginia Reel, and American Square Dancing. The characters will also perform classic American folk songs such as Oh Susannah, Camptown Ladies & others.

These tales are from different regions in the US, and will include Annie Christmas, Pecos Bill, Davy Crockett, Johnny Appleseed and John Henry.

Over 2,200 elementary school children, from all over the South Valley, have already enjoyed this wonderful performance.

Where:  The Gavilan College Theater at 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd., Gilroy, 95020.

When:  Saturday, December 1st at 7:00 PM is the only public performance of American Tall Tales.  The performance lasts approximately one hour, and is followed by a reception with the class and directors. 

Cost:  Adults $12.00; Students & Seniors $8.00

Tickets are available at the Gavilan College Bookstore, BookSmart in Morgan Hill, and at the door.


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