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September 30, 2013

Gavilan College presents Legacy of Hope: A Free One Woman Show

What:  The theatrical, one-woman show featuring thought-provoking characters that touch hearts, open minds and promise life-saving change for teens and the adults who guide them.  Performing to packed auditoriums, Susie Vanderlip enacts the life decisions that confront them in her one-woman show, Legacy of Hope. 

Who:  Susie Vanderlip's Legacy of Hope portrays characters dealing with alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, gangs, AIDS, violence, suicide, domestic abuse, neglect and depression.  With today's research finding high levels of hopelessness, isolation and depression among teens, Legacy of Hope changes the way young people think, opening their minds to options that can lead them to success in school and to ultimately reclaim their futures. 

Over the past decade, Legacy of Hope has played in 47 states to over one million people.  Susie Vanderlip's ability to transform herself into a tough gang banger and then to a troubled cheerleader, in seconds on stage, is engaging and fun to watch.  Her insights into the lives of her eight realistic characters are heart wrenching and gutsy.

"Each of my characters is based on real people - teenagers I have met during the course of my work in schools across the country.  They are looking for the tools and guidance to make the right choices.  I know how they feel and how they are struggling.  And I know the power of reaching out and making it possible for them to abandon a derailing course that can ruin lives.  I know because I've been there," says Vanderlip, an award-winning speaker who always includes after-show, informal talk as part of her program.

Nationally acclaimed Legacy of Hope has been expertly crafted by Vanderlip to cross cultural, religious, ethnic, gender and age barriers for an experience that brings young people out of the shadows to find hope and help as they make important decisions.  "Your program really showed that there are ways out and not to give up.  Thank you so much," said an eighth grade audience member from Aberdeen, Idaho.  

Why:  Legacy of Hope promotes communication with teens and sound advice on how to protect their children.

Where:  Gavilan College Theater at 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd., Gilroy, CA 95020.

When:  Friday, October 4th at 7:00 PM.

How:  For FREE tickets please call 408.848.4791.


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