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April 24, 2014

Gav Alert: Information - UPDATE

6:46 p.m
Hello Everyone,
As you know, a GavALERT went out this morning regarding a nonspecific threat allegedly made through social media late last night.

Security became aware of the incident this morning and immediately called the Sheriff's Dept. and began gathering additional information in an attempt to determine exactly what had occurred. Even though we did not have a specific threat or were even able to identify a witness to the comment, it was decided that it was important to notify the campus population of the incident being investigated.  The Sheriff's Dept. is still investigating, but we have been told that they do not feel that there is any imminent threat to anyone on campus. 

If you have any information that you think would be of value, we ask that you call the Security Department emergency line at 408-710-7490.

Thank you,
Ana Garcia
Director, Security & Support Services


3:05 p.m.

GavALERT UPDATE: The Sheriff's department has completed there investigation and has determined that there is no threat to the campus, and that the online comment was taken out of context.

9:40 a.m.

GavALERT: The Santa Clara County Sheriff is investigating a vague threat of violence on campus. Campus remains open. All are encouraged to remain alert and report any suspicious activity. Updates will be posted on the Gavilan College website, or sent by GavALERT as needed.

GECA Principal Mary Ann Boylan sent the following email to GECA parents:

Last night (Wednesday, April 24) it came to the attention of the school's administration on a senior FaceBook account that there could be a "threat of violence" towards GECA. There were no clear or specific threats on how/when/where, etc. but we take the matter very seriously and are responding appropriately! Gavilan College Security Office was contacted as well as the Santa Clara Sheriff's Office. They both will continue a presence around the area.

Further updates will follow if necessary. If you or your student hear of anything that might be helpful in understanding the nature of these threats, please call Gavilan Security or the GECA office.

Thank You, MaryAnn Boylan, Principal


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