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August 01, 2014

Gavilan College Computer Graphics and Design shines once again at state fair

Students and faculty earn four honors

In July 12, at the opening ceremony for the California State fair in Sacramento, Gavilan College Computer Graphics & Design (CGD) students and their instructor were presented with four awards. Awards included (2) first place rosettes, (1) GoEngineer award, and (1) second place rosette. This annual competition is open to all students enrolled in Industrial Technology from Career Technology Education (CTE) Programs from 112 California’s community colleges. Emily Fax, recipient of two top awards, also received a certificate of recognition from State Assemblymember Luis Alejo for her achievements and for demonstrating excellence in Computer Graphics & Design. 
Those honored are:
Student Emily Faz, Morgan Hill, earned three awards. Two are for her presentation of 3D rendered models of a collection of six dolls she configured by creating interchangeable parts. She is receiving a 1st Place Rosette for her poster of these dolls as well as a GoEngineer 3D Modeling SolidWorks Award from the State Fair for winning the highest award in her division. Her project applied technical graphic skills related to her goal of entering the field of video animation. The virtual doll collection she created demonstrates excellence in Career Technology Education and was recognized with a Certificate of Recognition from Assembly Member Luis Alejo. Emily Faz’s award-winning project’s characters demonstrate how design skills gained in CGD courses are prepare her to achieve her career goals.
CGD Advanced Technical Computer Graphics Student Tim Holliday, Gilroy, was selected for a State Fair Rosette for his 3D project in the Mechanical Drafting Show. His poster of a 3D rendered guitar he designed earned 2nd Place in Solid Model Rendering. Tim Holliday has extensive training and work experience in in videography, stage design, digital media, and other technical design courses. He served as a Student Trustee to Gavilan and has applies his CGD expertise to design webpages and develop inventions to accommodate individuals with visual and mobility disabilities. 
CGD Instructor Colette Marie McLaughlin was awarded a 1st Place Rosette in recognition of her students’ accomplishments. Dr. McLaughlin is an interdisciplinary CTE instructor who possesses advanced degrees from top universities brings extensive experience from employment in environmental planning, architectural design, construction management, and systems and mechanical engineering, and solar array manufacturing from summer fellowships at Lockheed Martin. 
McLaughlin acknowledged her CGD students’ achievements, “These students’ projects are the outcome of their incredible dedication to achieving their dreams made possible by public support for Career Technical Education. Proposition 30 and other public funding enables CGD students to gain skills needed to succeed in today’s highly technical and competitive industries. Their projects demonstrate skills in problem solving, visual communication, and skills at using an array of industry standard design tools, such as SolidWorks, Revit, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamwever and other graphic design software. Today’s jobs require this ability to be able to apply academic knowledge using technical skills. These CGD students’ projects reveal CGD students have what it takes to access high-paid, high-skilled jobs. While it’s a thrill when a few of my exemplary students are recognized at the State level, it’s more of an honor to be part of California’s Industrial & Technology CTE Programs that help students access rewarding careers."
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