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August 13, 2014

Gavilan College Fall classes start August 25

Registration is now in progress for Fall classes at Gavilan College. New students must complete an application, assessment test, and kick-start session prior to registering for classes. Students wishing to transfer to Gavilan must have transcripts from prior schools sent to the Gavilan College Admissions and Records Office.

Some cool facts about fall semester:
  • Journalism is back after a year hiatus with former Hollister Freelance reporter Kyle Hull as the instructor (JOUR 16, 18)
  • PBS film winner Arpita Kumar will be teaching television (THEA 16, 17A, 18)
  • local film maker Grant Richards will be teaching Motion Picture Production (HUM 25)
  • students who want to be in front of the camera can take Acting and Voice for TV/Film/Media taught by motion picture actor Ruben Gonzalez (THEA 19)
  • students who want to be On Stage this November (and who doesn't?) can sign up for Children's Theatre Repertory (THEA 2A, B)
  • there's a Songwriting and Composition class for budding composers (MUS 7)
  • History isn't just US; there's Global, Women's California, and Western Civilization (HIST 3,4B, 5, 7A)
  • students can study Creativity, Imagination and Innovation as well as learn to make a portfolio (ART 11, 79)
To schedule a campus tour call (408) 846-4993.


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