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October 30, 2014

Zombies swarm on Gavilan College campus

zombies on campus

October 30, 2014 - Numerous "zombies" were spotted on the Gavilan College Gilroy campus today. They were sighted at the Student Center, in front of the Social Sciences Building, in the Library, at the Tutoring Center, and at the MESA Center. 

zombieContrary to the prevailing sterotype, many of the zombies were cheerful and friendly, despite their frightening appearance. No attacks were reported. "If they are here to learn, then we welcome them to be a part of our campus community" said a Gavilan College* spokesperson.

Many have attributed the appearance of the zombies to  an event held on campus at the same time: the Associated Student Body (ASB)  annual Halloween Bash invited the Gavilan community to enjoy "face painting, zombie walk on Sycamore Lane, and other great activities."

The ASB's Halloween Bash had a “Get Up and Move” theme. Cosmetology students “zombified” students and staff and at 1:30p,the Zombie Walk began. Other activites included the “Reach For An Apple” game and the Art Guild's ceramic “sugar skulls” which students could paint.*


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