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May 20, 2015

Study Theatre Arts this Summer at Gavilan College and Earn up to 5 units!

Gavilan College is offering several college level performing arts classes in Summer 2015 as part of a pilot Summer Arts Bridge Program for local high school / college bound students.  History of American Musical Theatre (Thea 29, 3 units) is offered 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM, M - TH.  Actors Workshop (Thea 13a-d, 2 units) is a performance studio class focused on Musical Theatre, offered from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM M - TH.  Actors Workshop (Thea 13a-d) is transferable to the UC and State Systems in California, as well as all other major colleges!  Please see information below for complete listings.

This summer we will offer both the classes listed below during Summer Session at the Gilroy Campus.  Instruction begins June 15 through July 23.  Registration procedures for high school students are on the bottom.


Thea 29 History of American Musical Theatre                  Dennis Beasley, MFA

Units: 3                       Hours: 3 lecture

Transferable: This course has not yet been articulated for transfer

This survey course will focus on the influential artists who produce, write, direct and perform on America's Musical Theatre Stages.  Survey covers the 17th century - present.



Thea 13 a-d    Actor's Workshop                                         Dennis Beasley, MFA

Musical Theatre for Everyone!                   

Units: 2                       Hours: 6. Laboratory

Transferable: CSU, UC; GAV-GE:C1


Audition, rehearsal and performance of a theatrical production for public performance. Repeatable.  This summer the Gilroy campus will focus on Musical Theatre, producing a review or cabaret at the end of term.  The class will focus on scene studies, working under musical direction, working with a vocal director and choreographer as well as ensemble production numbers.


Summer Theatre Arts Courses offered at the Morgan Hill Campus


Thea 13 a-d    Actor's Workshop                                         John Lawton-Haehl, Ph.D

Shakespeare for Everyone!                                  with Kristen Porter of Comedy Sportz

Units: 2                       Hours: 6. Laboratory

Transferable: CSU, UC; GAV-GE:C1

Audition, rehearsal and performance of a theatrical production for public performance.  Repeatable.  This course will focus on the performance of Shakespeare including scenes & monologues based on Shakespeare's work created by the class.  Students will study scansion, monologues and scenes from Shakespeare as well as use improvisation to create original scenes or monologues based on Shakespeare's Folio.  The final project will be Public Performances in Morgan Hill at the end of July.


Gavilan College enrollment procedures for High School Students:

High school students will be able to enroll in classes between May 1st and June 15th.  They will not be able to enroll in a class that is full, as we don't allow high school students to obtain add codes.  There should be no issue in availability for the Theatre Arts classes.

In order to register for classes, students first need to complete the following steps:

  • Submit an application for admission online (processing time is approximately 4 working days during peak times). This will assign the student a Gavilan ID Number.
  • Have a high school contract (available on our webpage) filled out by your high school counselor, with the name of the course(s) at Gavilan that your high school counselor is approving for you to take.  Get it signed by your counselor AND High School Principal and your parent / guardian.
  • Register and pay in person at the Gavilan Admissions & Records office.  Students will hand in completed High School Contract at the time of registration.
  • Assessment testing and meetings with Gavilan Counselors are no longer required for High School Students.


Please contact Dr. John Lawton-Haehl,, if you have any questions.





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