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October 08, 2015

Gavilan College awarded federal Title V grant of $2.6 million over 5 years

Gavilan College has been awarded a federal grant in the amount of $2.6 million, over five years. The purpose of the grant is to improve students’ transfer rates, and to increase equity for Hispanic students in college success.  It is funded through the U.S. Department of Education’s Title V – Developing Hispanic-Serving Institution program.

Grant activities will address the gap in college transfer and completion that has been noted between Hispanic and non-Hispanic students. Many Hispanic students arrive on campus needing to build basic skills before being able to succeed in college classes. Many have scheduling conflicts that impede success, as they juggle schooling with jobs and family responsibilities. College courses may seem disconnected from the “real world.” Although funded through Title V, the grant activities will be open to and will benefit all students.

According to Dr. Kathleen Rose, Gavilan College Vice President of Instruction: "We are thrilled to be able to continue the work started with the previous Title V award which enabled Gavilan to focus on the academic and student support needs of all students.  The new award will provide not only dedicated tutoring and directed learning activities, but will foster leadership development and civic engagement pathways for students interested in public service."

Some of the activities to be funded will include instructional support, such as the Learning Commons, a dedicated space providing centralized, comprehensive academic support for both basic skills and learning activities that prepare students for transfer. Another is implementing the “Expreso” Accelerated Basic Skills program. These compressed basic skills courses allow students to gain the skills they need in a faster period of time than traditionally, so they may remain engaged and move forward with their educational goals. The grant will also provide for the development of a Transfer Academy, providing intensive skills training and support for potential transfer students.

Other activities will more directly impact instruction: in each year of the grant, six faculty members will design one fully hybrid or online course in their discipline.  Recent research has shown that students who took online classes were more likely than traditional students to complete degrees and transfer. The grant will also facilitate students’ greater civic engagement, through community-based learning. This will include service-learning components for classes, and the development of a Civic Leadership Certificate program. 

The communities served by Gavilan College will also benefit from the development of a Community Resource Archive, housing planning documents, unpublished papers from our local communities and oral histories in text and video.

The Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (DHSI) Program provides grants to assist Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) to expand educational opportunities for, and improve the attainment of, Hispanic students. These grants also enable HSIs to expand and enhance their academic offerings, program quality, and institutional stability. The Department defines an HSI as an institution of higher education that has an enrollment of undergraduate full-time equivalent students that is at least 25 percent Hispanic.  The Gavilan College student population is roughly 58% Hispanic.

Gavilan College, established in 1919, is one of the oldest of the California Community Colleges. We serve southern Santa Clara County, parts of Monterey County, and most of San Benito County. 


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