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November 04, 2015

ACES website makes it easy for adult learners to find what they need

The Gavilan Regional Adult and Career Education Service Consortium (Gavilan Regional ACES) has launched a new website,, designed to help adults who are seeking to improve their education.

The website brings together in one place all of the adult-learning opportunities provided in the region.  Partners include the Gavilan College Adult Education Program, the Gavilan College Noncredit Program, Gavilan College for-credit programs, Morgan Hill Community Adult School, and San Benito High School.

The website is the public face of a regional consortium created to better serve the community. They are looking at improving services such as support for adults with learning disabilities, childcare for adult learners, and building bridges from nonprofits to adult schools and colleges. They are also looking at  filling gaps in services, such as providing a High School Diploma program in Gilroy (Currently, all students must travel to Morgan Hill or Hollister.)

According to Mary Ann Sanidad, Gavilan College faculty member and Project Director: “we have looked at the gaps in everything we do and we’re collaborating to look at ourselves as a system for adult learners, to make a pipeline that can take people from literacy or beginning ESL to advanced classes and college, if that is what they choose.  We are also building a career pathway for those who do not choose the academic route.”

The consortium is also developing classes, workshops, and bootcamps in Adult Basic Education (ABE). All members of the consortium will have access to the curriculum and resources.

The website is easy-to-use, organized by student goals: “Learn English,” “Earn High School Diploma or Equivalent,” “Become a Citizen,” and “Other Classes.” The site, designed by award-winning design firm, Articulate Solutions, can be viewed in both English and Spanish, and is a tool that can be used by students, teachers, and community organizations. Still under development is a section that will provide resources for teachers.

The ACES Consortium was formed through a State of California grant, AB86, in 2013 when the California legislature dedicated funds to the purpose of creating regional adult education consortia throughout the state. Implementation is now being funded through a state educational block grant, AB104. The purpose is to address and coordinate the array of services offered by multiple providers, identify and fill gaps, and work together to create a coordinated system that is easy for students to understand and navigate. 

For more information about ACES, go to or email



Updated November 12, 2015

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