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November 19, 2015

Gavilan College to break ground for future Coyote Valley Educational Center

Updated November 24, 2015
WHO:              Gavilan College Trustees, and the Gavilan College community
WHAT:            Will hold a Groundbreaking Ceremony to announce the start of construction on Phase I of the development of an educational site in Coyote Valley.  State Senator Bill Monning will speak, along with Gavilan College President Steve Kinsella, and Gavilan College Trustees Laura Perry and Jonathan Brusco. San Jose District 2 Councilmember Ash Kalra and Morgan Hill Mayor Steve Tate will participate.
WHEN:            Friday, December 4, 2015; 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
WHERE:          560 Bailey Road, San Jose
PARKING: All attendees will park at Spina Farms, 8820 Santa Teresa Blvd, and take a shuttle the short distance to the site. 
ATTIRE: Please wear low-heeled, close-toed shoes.
In 2004 the voters of the Gavilan Joint Community College District passed Bond Measure E, providing funds to upgrade the Gilroy campus and to establish future campuses at the northern and southern ends of the district. The college went through a four-year, rigorous site selection process prior to acquiring 55 acres at 560 Bailey Road in Coyote Valley in 2006. (Land has also been purchased in San Benito County.) When completely built out – a ten-to-thirty year process, depending upon the availability of state funding. – the site could be home to a full-service community college accommodating up to 10,000 students.
PHASE I: In Phase I of development, about to begin, the Coyote Valley site will become the location for public safety training, accounting for ten percent of Gavilan College’s enrollment, and bringing in $2.4 million annually in apportionment revenue from the State of California.
Gavilan College is a member of the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium, a collaborative of nine Community College districts. Since 1994 the consortium’s training facility has been located at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose. With the growth in enrollment and changing needs in that district, however, there is a need for a new facility. The Coyote Valley facility will replace the one at Evergreen Valley College and become the hub for regional public safety training.
Phase I will also make it possible to offer evening credit classes in a variety of college subjects, beginning in Fall 2016.  Phase I will comprise 28,800 square feet, in five single-story modular buildings, and will include classrooms, and specialized facilities for the police academy program.
The project is located in the area of San Jose known as North Coyote Valley. It is a 55-acre parcel at 560 Bailey Avenue (across from IBM) between the Santa Teresa Hills on the west and Fisher Creek on the east. It is approximately 1.8 miles southwest of the Bailey Avenue and U.S. Highway 101 interchange. The Coyote Valley site will be especially convenient to the northern section of the Gavilan Joint Community College District (the district extends from Bernal Road in San Jose through most of San Benito County) including San Martin, Morgan Hill, Coyote Valley, and the southern-most neighborhoods of San Jose. It could be a convenient option for district commuters wishing to take an evening class after work.

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