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Course Description

This course helps us understand the 20th century revolution in mass media by focusing on the history, economics and social impact of the newspaper, book publishing, magazine, film, television, public relations, advertising and music industries. We will study audience, propaganda and mass communication theory; we will discuss new technology, ethnic media in the U.S., ethical issues and attempts to regulate or control the media. Honors students will complete more in-depth analysis of media issues, and will finish a media-related research project. This course is also listed as JOUR 10. This course has the option of a letter grade or pass/no pass. ADVISORY: English 250, English 260

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will explain how American media evolved and how they currently operate, and evaluate the relative benefit or harm of media trends in their lifetimes.
  • Students will show explain theories on media impact upon individuals
  • Students will evaluate the social, political and cultural impact of media
  • Students will apply demographic research methods used by media researchers to shape media and/or advertising content
  • Students will explain how changes in technology affect the communication process and the exchange of information
  • Students will apply the following critical thinking skills: comparing and contrasting media and their impact, analysing"news"for facts or opinions,applying inductive and deductive reasoning to"news"materials,evaluating conclusions based upon facts and tests of hypothesis, analysing cause and effect relationships as they relate tomedia,detecting persuasion techniques used by the media, identifying bias, stereotyping and spin-doctoring in media andproposing safeguards
  • Students will describe and explain First Amendment protections and responsibilities
  • Students will critically examine their own use of media and the influence of media upon their lives

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