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Course Description

This course provides an overview of how sociologists understand, identify, and address social problems. Students will be introduced to and critically evaluate various theories to explain and analyze social problems, their presence in our lives, and the extent to which they can be defined as social problems. In addition to identifying contemporary social problems, students will explore the root causes of these social problems and search for potential solutions. Some issues that may be examined are: economic globalization, immigration, poverty, inequalities in educational and employment opportunities, race and gender inequality, and the decline in social connections. (C-ID: SOCI 115) ADVISORY: Sociology 1A.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe and analyze what constitutes a social problem
  • Explain and analyze what particular social problems exist in terms of one or more useful social theories
  • Employ the scientific method to analyze explanations for any given social problem
  • Evaluate practical alternatives for addressing social problems through the use of sociological methodology
  • Examine, analyze, and address social problems at the local, national, and global level

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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