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Course Description

Students will be assigned a field internship following successful completion of their clinical internship. The intern returns to a Paramedic mobile intensive care unit (ambulance) where he/she will perform on-the-job duties, under supervision, for a minimum of 480 hours and a maximum of 720 hours. The field internship portion of training must be completed within 6 months of the student's first shift date in their internship. This course is a pass/no pass course. PREREQUISITE: Emergency Medical Technician certificate, Successful completion of JFT 30, Paramedic - Core, and successful completion of JFT 31, Paramedic -Clinical.

Learning Outcomes

  • Anticipate accommodations that may be needed in order to properly manage the patient with: mental illness, a hearing or visual impairment, obesity, emotional impairment or Down's syndrome.
  • Explain the organizational benefits for having standard operating procedures for using the incident management system or incident command system.
  • Explain the application and limitations of personal protective equipment in hazardous material situations
  • Explain how effective assessment is critical to clinical decision making.
  • Identify and prepare the documentation needed/associated with abused and assaulted patient.
  • Describe the local resources available to assist the elderly and create strategies to refer at risk patients to appropriate community services.
  • Demonstrate and apply standards and guidelines that help ensure safe and effective ground and air medical transport.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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