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Course Description

A fundamental course focused on the conceptual, technical and historical aspects of three dimensional design and related fields such as: sculpture, architecture and industrial design. Development of personal artistic expression and visual perception through the use of various media such as plaster, paper, wood, clay, metal, etc. Introduction to the design elements and principles as they relate to space and form in visual art and design will be studied. (C-ID: ARTS 101) ADVISORY: English 250 and English 260.

Learning Outcomes

  • student will demonstrate the ability to conceptualize and develop ideas that pertain to fields related to fundamental spatial design such as: industrial design, sculpture and architecture
  • Student will demonstrate the ability to competently design and build basic three dimensional projects using the elements and principals of design such as: line, form, positive and negative space, volume, light, scale, balance, emphasis, economy, variety, environment, kenitics, time and texture.
  • Student will demonstrate the ability to document projects.
  • Student will demonstrate the ability to present projects.
  • Student will demonstrate the ability to safely use hand and power tools associated with the techniques taught in the course.
  • Student will recognize the various properties of different types of mediums/materials and apply them to a concept.
  • Student will demonstrate skills needed in the critical analysis of their own work for both emotional and intellectual levels.
  • Student will demonstrate effective collaboration skills within a group.
  • Student will demonstrate knowledge of three-dimensional design terms and apply them to their own work.

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