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Course Description

Introduction to Apprenticeship is designed to make the apprentice familiar with the tools and skills to be successful in construction. This includes hazard awareness, safe use of selected power tools, review of mathematics used in construction and understanding the Union and apprentice's role and responsibilities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Locate specific safety regulations in the Construction Safety Orders.
  • Describe the electrical hazards on a construction site and the methods used to eliminate those hazards.
  • Given a scaffold, locate any defects present.
  • Erect a rolling tower scaffold.
  • Describe the fall protection methods used on the construction site.
  • Correctly don personal fall protection equipment and select the best anchor point consistent with the task.
  • Use a skilsaw and chainsaw to complete a variety of cuts.
  • Demonstrate the safe use of a pneumatic nailer.
  • Demonstrate the safe use of the electric screwgun, drill motor, and rotary hammer.
  • Describe the health hazards of lead and asbestos exposure.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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