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Course Description

This course covers writing clear, correct, effective essays and learning preliminary research skills. This course will be offered as pass/no pass unless student requests a grade. PREREQUISITE: Eligibility for ENGL 440 or ENGL 420. COREQUISITE: ENGL 250P

Learning Outcomes

  • Use critical thinking skills, such as deciphering fact and opinion, bias, and logical fallacies
  • Develop and engage in higher order thinking skills, including analysis, comparison/contrast, synthesis, inference, and classification
  • Employ successful study behaviors, including notetaking, annotation, learning styles, and test-taking-skills
  • Formulate and practice successful approaches to learning college-level vocabulary, including identifying meaning through context, differentiating connotation and denotation, and dictionary skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to respond to college-level reading through paraphrase, summary, and responses to questions about reading selections
  • Decipher and explain main idea, supporting points, tone, purpose, figure of speech, and point of view
  • Distinguish the link between rate and comprehension and demonstrate rate flexibility by practicing techniques for faster reading and adjusting rate for purpose
  • Apply research skills to enhance reading comprehension, such as finding background information on a given text, which may include evaluating sources and basic internet skills
  • Distinguish components of a variety of college-level reading material, including textbooks, scholarly journal articles, newspaper articles, essays, and works of fiction and poetry
  • Utilize a variety of tools for reading comprehension, which may include graphic organizers, SQR3, PPPC, learning logs, and/or KWL+ charts

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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