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Course Description

Designed as the second part of an integrated sequence of two courses covering water distribution systems. Enables students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the operation and maintenance of waterworks distribution system, including advanced calculations, management, safety and emergency response issues. Contemporary issues facing the water and wastewater industry are also explored in depth. This course is part of a series required for eligibility to take the State certification examinations; supports certification examinations for CDPH grade levels D3, D4 and D5. ADVISORY: WTRN 105 Water Distribution 1; WTRM 102 Beginning Water/Wastewater Mathematics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Solve advanced mathematical calculations and conversions.
  • Identify and discuss the components of a water distribution system.
  • Discuss Water Quality requirements and regulations as they apply to Water Distribution.
  • Discuss appropriate Administrative applications and record-keeping requirements.
  • Design the level and type of disinfection necessary during maintenance and repairs of distribution facilities.
  • Calculate system pressures at various points within a distribution system and other hydraulic measures.
  • Classify the various types of meters used in water distribution and explain the advantages of each.
  • Illustrate the safety precautions and procedures related to water distribution.
  • Describe the different forms of backflow prevention and explain the need for backflow prevention.
  • Describe the parts and operation of a water well, pumps and motors.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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