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Course Description

This is an introductory painting course. Students will study traditional, contemporary and experimental painting techniques and media. Social, cultural and historical awareness are integrated with classroom explorations of expressive painting. Students develop a variety of painting approaches and a greater understanding of personal expression. This course has the option of a letter grade or pass/no pass. ADVISORY: Art 2A or Art 3A or Portfolio Review

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate glazing formulas and techniques in oil and acrylic paints; information to be applied to still life and landscape.
  • Identify and apply composition and design elements/theory by integrating the various drawing processes and materials.
  • Demonstrate and apply a variety of spatial illusion techniques including: color theory and atmospheric perspective
  • Identify on a test the terms, techniques and theories of acrylic and oil painting
  • Identify on a test the terms, techniques and theories of acrylic and oil painting
  • Successfully integrate the relationship of form and content in various paint media related to objective and subjective sources.
  • Demonstrate and apply the historical and contemporary significance of the painting process and its materials
  • Articulate verbally and in written reports, documented rationale for the sources, ideas and inspirations behind his/her paintings.
  • Analyze and critique verbally and in written form his/her artworks and the works of others in classroom critique sessions
  • Research and presents findings in written and oral formats on assigned topics

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