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Course Description

This course examines the social, economic and political forces that have led to a process known as "globalization." It explores how the global integration of societies, economics, and cultures fundamentally transforms human life with specific emphasis on: the global economy and economic development; transnational political organizations; culture and identity; the effect of globalization on social stratification, including gender/race/ethnic inequalities; transnational migration; environmental change; and transnational social movements. Also listed as POLS 9. PREREQUISITE: English 250 ADVISORY: English 1A

Learning Outcomes

  • To examine how institutional forces shape a global society and reflect critically on the process of global social change
  • To examine the linkages between local and global processes and the ways in which various social groups are affected by the global social change
  • To evaluate theories and explanations of global social change and globalization
  • To analyze global social problems, such as environmental degradation, clandestine migration, gender inequality, global slums, etc. and to propose possible solutions
  • To examine responses to global social changes through various social movements and forms of resistance
  • To analyze the role of information technology and communication flows in global social change and to evaluate their impact on local and global cultures

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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