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Course Description

Using word processing software, students will plan, compose, and revise a variety of business documents including letters, emails, reports, and memos. Messages will be analyzed to develop correspondence that is appropriate to the target audience and that is effective and professional. Using presentation graphics software, students will prepare professional level oral reports for a variety of business situations. This course has the option of a letter grade or pass/no pass. Also listed as BUS 100. ADVISORY: CSIS 122, CSIS 126 or equivalent. PREREQUISITE: Completion of ENGL 1A.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students demonstrate improving business communication through planning, problem solving, organizing, writing, listening and presenting effectively..
  • Students can list reasons and suggest strategies to adapt business messages to audience needs and desires, including cross-cultural situations
  • Students can select a proper delivery format—face-to-face or electronic—and identify the strengths of each.
  • Students will describe the differences between primary sources and secondary sources in business research.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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