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Course Description

The Assistive Computer Instruction Lab (Intermediate) is designed for students who are eligible for Disability Services. The course is designed to improve basic academic skills and/or cognitive processes through the use of appropriate software or to learn adaptive devices to make computers accessible. Course content is based on Student Educational Contracts which are developed for each student. This is a pass/no pass course. May be repeated as necessary based on measurable progress as documented in the Student Educational Contract. This is an open entry, open exit course. ADVISORY: This course is intended for students with a verified disability or demonstrated academic deficit who show a need for the use of assistive computer programs and/or adaptive equipment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate intermediate knowledge and skills in the academic courses or assistive computer technologies specified in their Student Educational Contract.
  • Students will examine assistive technologies or academic software programs that are appropriate for their individual learning profiles.
  • Students will compare the effects of the assistive technologies or academic software on their academic achievement.
  • Students will examine appropriate assistive technologies and apply them to the completion of their mainstreamed college courses.
  • Students will analyze their increased proficiency in basic academic and/or computer skills and/or assistive computer technologies.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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