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Course Description

This course teaches apprentices the basic skill necessary to successfully install commercial door hardware.

Learning Outcomes

  • Given a set of drawings determine door hand, interpret door schedules including hardware groups.
  • Given a door in a frame, adjust the margins as necessary by shimming the door butts.
  • Given a collection of hardware, correctly identify each piece and describe its function.
  • Given a door, cylinder lockset, instructions and tools, prepare the door and install the lockset so that it securely latches and locks the door.
  • Given a door, a mortise lockset and instructions, install the lockset so that it securely latches.
  • Given a mortise lockset, a cylinder lockset and instructions for each, correctly change the hand of each lockset.
  • Given the tools necessary, drill and hand tap holes for various machine screws.
  • Given a door closer and instructions, install the closer so it moves from 90 degrees open to closed within 7 to 10 seconds.
  • Given a rim exit device and instructions, install the exit device so it securely latches the door and releases with 5 pounds or less of pressure.
  • Given a door holder/stop and instructions, install so the door stops at a pre-determined angle without damage to door or jamb.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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