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Course Description

This course develops information competency skills as defined by the Academic Senate for CA Community Colleges. It is designed to be integrated with English 1A curriculum, so that these skills are developed in a meaningful context. It includes lessons and activities related to understanding the research process; developing a research question and a research strategy; taking notes for research; general principles of searching; effective use of the library catalog and online databases; finding and evaluating internet sources; citing sources; and creating an annotated bibliography. ADVISORY: This course will be part of a Learning Community. This course will be paired with specific sections of ENGL 1A.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will list the basic stages of the research process and write a personal reflection about the way he/she engages in that process.
  • Students will develop a research topic into a focused research question by broadening or narrowing and by confirming appropriate resources are available.
  • Students will use a systematic method to take notes for research.
  • Using the library catalog, students will demonstrate basic search principles such as Boolean searches and standard limiters to locate books and reference resources related to their research question.
  • Students will construct search strategies using appropriate commands for the information retrieval system selected.
  • Students will differentiate between popular and scholarly sources of information and apply the knowledge to specific research problems.
  • Students will assess the quantity , quality and relevance of the search results to determine whether alternative information retrieval systems or investigative methods should be utilized.
  • Students will examine and compare information from various sources in order to evaluate reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness and point of view bias.
  • Students will differentiate between the types of sources cited and be able to use the elements and correct syntax of a citation for a wide range of resources.
  • Students will create an annotated bibliography that includes resource types that best help address the research question, summarizes the relevant content of each source, and follows standard citation conventions.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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