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Course Description

Introduction to Political Science introduces students to the discipline of political science. It is designed to familiarize students with basic political concepts, political ideologies, theories, political systems, and sub-fields within the field of political science.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the development of political science and its subfields.
  • Identify and assess the key concepts in political science.
  • Evaluate and assess the various qualitative and quantitative approaches in political science
  • Identify and analyze basic political systems and their differences and similarities.
  • Analyze political behavior in global politics.
  • Analyze the role of globalization, terrorism, and international and regional governments.
  • Evaluate and assess the reasons for conflict and cooperation among the various actors and peoples on the world stage.
  • Explain and assess the role of Constitutional governments around the world and the impact they have on various peoples and sub-national groups.
  • Explain and assess how economic policy and political economy impacts the state and the people living in those states.
  • Evaluate the goals, techniques, and global impacts of foreign policy and international politics since the end of WWI.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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