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Course Description

A beginning photography course focused on the technical and historical aspects of photography from analog to digital. This course includes the development of personal artistic expression and visual perception through the use of various photographic medium. The course will include lectures and discussions about composition and content, analog and digital camera use, lighting and exposure, various photographic processes, and photographic presentation techniques. Alternative methods, mixed media and experimental forms of photography will also be discussed. Students will be required to provide their own camera, and film.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create photographic artworks utilizing compositional considerations, and design elements and principles such as: line, shape, volume, balance, emphasis economy, variety, repetition, rhythm, space, texture, value, and color.
  • Create a photographic portfolio.
  • Research and write essays dealing with photographic history, artists, and photographic techniques.
  • Critique and discuss photographic ideas and concepts.
  • Analyze and discuss photographic art theories.
  • Use various photographic techniques to create dynamic photographic images

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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