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Course Description

General Botany is designed for students majoring in biology and/or its related disciplines. This course introduces the evolution and diversity of botanical organisms and begins with a brief review of plant like organisms (protista and fungi) and continues with an emphasis in the plant kingdom for the remainder of the course. The course will include topics such as life cycles, embroyonic development, morphology, physiology, taxonomy and plant systematics. Principles of population ecology, community ecology, ecosystems interactions, biotechnology and agriculture are highlighted in this course. PREREQUISITE: Mathematics 235 or Mathematics 240 with a grade of 'C' or better. ADVISORY: Chemistry 1A, Biological Science 1, and eligible for English 250 and English 260.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify characteristics of major botanical taxa (protists, fungi and green plants) and their phylogenetic relationships.
  • Identify the diversity of botanical structures and relate the structures to their functions. Apply knowledge of plant physiology and structure to the use of plants in agriculture and biotechnology.
  • Compare and contrast the differences in development and life cycles across the major taxa of protists, fungi and botanical organisms.
  • Evaluate the evolutionary relationship of botanical organisms to each other structure and ecology of plants to their classification.
  • Discuss the importance of habitat, sustainable ecology and biotechnology in the field of Botany.
  • Apply scientific methodology and reasoning through active experimentation and experiences.
  • Develop basic laboratory and dissection skills, which may be utilized to further investigations.

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