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Course Description

Provides training in a variety of naturalistic and formal observation techniques, and discusses the use of standardized testing in children. Students learn to use formal observation tools, make a case study portfolio and give a parent conference. Observing children in classroom settings is required. This course has the option of a letter grade or pass/no pass. (C-ID: ECE 200) ADVISORY: Eligible for English 1A; transfer students consult with advisor.

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically compare the purpose, value and use of formal and informal observation and assessment strategies and ethical implications within cultural and social contexts in early childhood settings.
  • Describe and evaluate the characteristics, strengths and limitations of common assessment tools related to children's developmental, cultural and linguistic characteristics.
  • Demonstrate systematic observation methods to provide data to assess the impact of the environment, interactions and curriculum on all domains of children's learning and development.
  • Use effective verbal and written communication skills to collaborate and build partnerships with family in an ongoing and positive manner to support the child's development.
  • Develop activities related to assessment within play-based environments, curriculum and care routines for typically and atypically developing children.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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