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Course Description

Advanced course in applied computer graphics and associated interdisciplinary design proficiencies required by careers that design, engineer, manufacture and/or market products. Applies theories, principles and skills covered in CGD 4 and integrates business, sustainable design, and hybrid products. Design solutions reflect technical understanding, aesthetic principles and addresses societal needs in a cost effective manner. Presentations include animating and rendering models of real and/or virtual products that address human factors/ergonomics, usability, life cycle analysis and sustainability. Portfolios support advancement in student-selected career pathways by communicating competence in computer graphics and design. ADVISORY: Eligible for English 250, 260 and Mathematics 233.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and describe career objective, Produce a graphic of roadmap to achieve goal, cite references using MLA format
  • Integrate lifecycle analysis of a product associated with career objectives for developing schematic design drawings
  • Provide and use critiques to revise and produce production drawings of improved sustainable design product
  • Design, develop and analyze strength of a cost effective product with different function than previous product
  • Design a hybrid product by morphing two designed products
  • Prepare self-explanatory brochure using design principles and color theory to market/brand product
  • Create portfolio to showcase projects and market skills

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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