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Course Description

Advanced computer graphics and design course that combines technical computer graphic skills with interdisciplinary design proficiencies including creating computer imagery, transformations, and rendering to create 3D model using geometric primitives, projections for computer animation and data visualization. Includes structural analysis and emphasis on developing products that include ergonomic features and sustainable materials. Work within electronic portfolio demonstrates skills and knowledge of technical graphic design to visualize, develop and present products to meet societal needs. ADVISORY: Satisfactory score on the English placement exam or a grade C or better in English 250, completion of Mathematics 233 or satisfactory Mathematics placement. Completion of CGD 2 and CGD 8 with a grade of C or better. Computer lab work can be done both in lab and off-site.

Learning Outcomes

  • Research and present critiques of sample portfolios representative of CGD field students seeks to enter.
  • Propose visual solutions to advanced design problems using a systematic research process.
  • Evaluate relevance of constructive criticism of schematic design to develop working drawings of revised product.
  • Develop alternatives for a design problems visually communicate how each addresses ergonomic need.
  • Create advanced working drawings of product using industry standards for selected design field.
  • Linear strength analysis of 3D rendered and animated 3D models.
  • Present final electronic portfolio featuring design abilities, technical proficiencies and marketing competencies.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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