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Course Description

This is the second semester of a year-long general chemistry course designed as a continuation of Chemistry 1A. Topics include solutions, thermodynamics, chemical kenetics, the equilibria of acids and bases, solubility systems, complex ions, electrochemistry, the chemistry of metals and nonmetals, as well as nuclear chemistry. (C-ID: CHEM 120S: Chem 1A + Chem 1B) PREREQUISITE: Chemistry 1A with a grade of C or better.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast the colligative properties of solutions including osmotic pressure.
  • Determine the spontaneity of a reaction and relate the free energy of a reaction to its equilibrium constant.
  • Compare and contrast the Collision and Transition-State Theories and solve problems based on the Arrhenius equation.
  • Apply Le Chatelier's Principle to chemical equilibria and solve problems based on equilibria data.
  • Solve problems based on the ionization of a weak acid or weak base, as well as salt solutions.
  • Perform calculations based on solubility product expressions.
  • Solve stoichiometric calculations based on electrolysis.
  • Describe the Valence Bond Theory and the Crystal Field Theory of complexes.
  • Balance nuclear reaction equations and solve problems based on the rate of the radioactive decay of an isotope.
  • Relate classroom and laboratory experiences to phenomena outside the classroom.

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