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Course Description

Study of the design of visual effects and motion graphics used in digital video, film, web, multimedia, and interactive games. Includes video/graphics compositing techniques, 2D animation, basic 3D animation, and effects commonly done in digital post-production. Software such as Adobe After Effects and Apple's Motion and Shake will be used. This course has the option of a letter grade or pass/no pass. This course is also listed as DM 117. ADVISORY: DM/ART/CSIS 113 or DM/ART/CSIS 140 or DM/ART/CSIS 77 or THEA 17A or basic knowledge of digital video/film editing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will analyze video and synthesize complementary design for motion graphics
  • Students will conceptually visualize a design incorporating good aesthetics and construct a linear storyboard for a commercial or PSA
  • Students using cognitive reasoning will determine spatial attributes needed to set 2D objects in a 3D space and construct the motion image
  • Students will analyze a story/video and cognitively determine elements that will be good for designing metaphorical and aesthetic looking objects for animation.
  • Students will analyze motion in a 3D space and apply techniques needed to compose a digital animation
  • Students will organize and edit sounds and apply them while constructing an aesthetic holistic animation scene.
  • Students will determine the elements needed for a major creative motion graphics project and formulate the steps needed to work through the process.
  • Students will operate computers and software in such a way as to demonstrate their knowledge of motion graphics and visual effects concepts.
  • Students will discuss principles of design for motion graphics commonly used in commercial movie, game, broadcasting, or web sites.
  • Students will critically evaluate commonly viewed motion graphics and describe their analysis with other members of the class.
  • Students will analyze a 2D scene and insert a 3D animated character situated in a life-like manner

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