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Course Description

The study of digital photography from digital camera to the computer-based printer or digital media. Artistic, theoretical, and technical aspects will be considered. Topics include information about types and purchasing of digital cameras; theory, mechanics, and art of digital imagery; digital darkroom; eccentricities of digital photo taking; stitching photos for virtual reality; and preparing digital images for print, World Wide Web and other digital media. This course has the option of a letter grade or pass/no pass. This course is also listed as DM 80. ADVISORY: CSIS 1 or CSIS 2/2L or ART 8A or equivalent computer experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create photographic artworks utilizing compositional considerations, and design elements and principles such as: line, shape, volume, balance, emphasis economy, variety, repetition, rhythm, space, texture, value, and color.
  • Create a digital photographic portfolio in a variety of styles.
  • Research and write essays dealing with photographic and digital history, artists, and digital photographic techniques and processes.
  • Critique and discuss digital photographic ideas and concepts.
  • Analyze and discuss digital photographic art theories.
  • Use digital photographic cameras, computer equipment and digital programs utilizing digital techniques to create dynamic digital photographic images.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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