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Course Description

Course provides instruction and clinical experience in advanced concepts of clinical medical assisting including specialty procedures and treatments. PREREQUISITE: AH 170 with a grade of C or better or equivalent. Equivalency determined by written and performance exams.

Learning Outcomes

  • Student will communicate clearly, verbally and in writing, using appropriate grammar, vocabulary and word usage with patients, peers, facility staff and instructors representing diverse people and viewpoints.
  • Student will demonstrate appropriate active listening skills using techniques of therapeutic communication to verify that communication has been accurately interpreted. Students will use language interpreters at appropriate times in the clinical settings.
  • Student will critically analyze data from textbooks, patient charts including electronic charts, dictionaries, reference books, and the internet. Apply theoretical concepts and facts to real life situations, computer simulated patient situations, and exams.
  • Student will prioritize and organize Medical Assistant duties to assist the Health Care Provider, Physician's Assistant, and Nurse Practitioner with patient treatments and administrative duties.
  • Student will use safe, effective interventions which reflect the standard of Medical Assisting. This will be exhibited by the student's ability to use psychomotor and psychosocial interventions and prevent, minimize, or resolve problems while assisting the Health Care Provider, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician's Assistant with examinations and treatments.
  • Student will use principles of college-level mathematical concepts to correctly convert a height, weight, volume, and length theory from English to metric.
  • Student will reflect creative and critical thinking skills. Creative and critical thinking is characterized by openness of inquiry, ability to ask pertinent questions, production of new ideas, flexible problem solving, examination of underlying assumptions, and an ability to present diverse perspectives.
  • Student will interact effectively with people of all ages, many cultures and ethnicities demonstrating awareness of the students' own values and opinions, as well as awareness and respect to the opinions and values of others.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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