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Course Description

Supervised practice and individualized computer assisted learning or software applications and techniques commonly found in the design and production of digital media (e.g., digital art and imaging, digital photography, digital print, digital audio/video, web design design/authoring, DVD/CD ROMs, animation). Supplements lecture courses. Open entry/exit, so may be added anytime during the semester. This is a pass/no pass course. Also listed as CSIS 108. ADVISORY: CSIS 1 or CSIS 2/2L or equivalent computer experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create and produce digital media projects by analyzing project and rationally determining steps to produce project in a defined timeline. Critically determine aesthetics (e.g., balance, rhythm, color) and apply skills to realize them in a cohesive manner throughout project development. Analyze project and critically determine what software and/or steps will be needed to solve design problems.
  • Perform in interdisciplinary environment. Analyze others social interaction and work in a cooperative manner.
  • Demonstrate responsibility in project development and production by producing project on time. Analyze overall project development steps and elements then critically determine own role to play.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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