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Course Description

A course to provide a basic introduction to patient care in the convalescent setting. Emphasizes principles, understanding and skills necessary to perform basic nursing procedures safely and effectively. Includes introduction to health care, planning, safety, infection control, personal care, basic procedures, rehabilitation, nutrition and clients' rights and needs. At the completion of this course students will qualify for state certification as a nursing assistant. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for English 250 and English 260 and eligible for MATH 205 or MATH 430. Clearance from the Department of Health Services (Form HS283), fingerprint card, and health clearance required prior to clinical placement. Health and fingerprint clearance required prior to clinical placement. Uniform, shoes, watch, and stethoscope required. Clinical in Morgan Hill or Hollister, as assigned.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will analyze pre-written patient care plans and will implement the plan of care safely.
  • Student will use principles of college level mathematical concepts to correctly calculate a resident fluid intake and output, and using metric and apothecary systems to calculate height and weight.
  • Students will interact effectively with people of all ages, many cultures and ethnicities demonstrating awareness of the students' own values and opinions, as well as awareness and respect of the opinions and values of others.
  • Student will begin using nursing process to prioritize and organize nursing care and to problem solve. Nursing process includes: a. Assessment of objective and subjective patient data b. Analyzing the data and using the information to develop patient outcomes in planning patient care c. Listening and implementing nursing interventions which will accomplish the defined outcomes for a given patient d. Evaluating the interventions' effectiveness in meeting the outcomes e. Revising the plan of care as needed based on the information from the evaluation
  • Student will use therapeutic nursing interventions which reflect the standard of nursing practice. This will be exhibited by the student's ability to use psychomotor and psychosocial interventions which promote health; and prevent, minimize, or resolve problems as identified by the nurse and patient. Therapeutic interventions are independent actions grouped in theory-based research and experiences.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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